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Ling Charity is committed to eliminating waste destined for landfill and reducing carbon emissions within the business.

At Ling Charity we have already implemented a number of immediate measures to reduce our impact on the environment. We have also set out clear objectives to continue making improvements around the business.

• Motion-sensor lights have been fitted throughout the office and warehouse

• We have reduced our waste by over 50%

• Office printing and photocopying reduced by measures including the use of digi-sign

• Reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2025

• Become a Net Zero business by 2030

• To install additional specific recycling points including battery and food waste bins by 2023

To help protect the future of our forests, all our papers and boards are certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council).

We ensure the FSC® label is printed on the back of your cards and finished products. The label is a strong message to your customers that you are committed to preventing deforestation and promoting the heath of forests worldwide.

FSC logo.png

100% of Ling Charity cards, envelopes and packaging are

environmentally conscious.

To communicate your range can be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way we include the following logos on the back of your cards and packaging.

brochure contents design.tif

All finishes used are fully recyclable and flitter free.

Only environmentally friendly inks and water based varnishes are used for your cards and packaging.

Foil on your cards is less than 2.5 microns thick enabling the finish to disintegrate within the recycling process which ensures your cards are 100% recyclable.

The retail packaging on all supplementary products is plastic free

and recyclable.

While we look to continue reducing our own waste we are also considerate of the waste implications of your charity and supporters, evaluating where waste can be reduced or removed and making suggestions of alternative

packaging solutions.

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Recycle Logos.png
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